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RF Designs

Integrated service has experience in designing a variety of RF designs for aerospace and defense applications and R & D labs custom solutions. Our engineering team adopts a highly-disciplined development approach starting with a comprehensive requirement document followed by a feasibility study to reduce identified risks. This leads to circuit design, simulation, modelling and prototyping. A comprehensive test plan is developed and used to ensure that the resulting design meets the requirement specification.

Integrated services can also combine RF designs with other board and system design services to provide complete end-to-end solutions.

Integrated services RF designs include custom products and a range of services for development of various RF systems:

  1. End-to-end RF transceiver designs based on UHF, VHF, HF, MF
  2. Transmitter – low to medium power RF transmitters, including AM, ASK, FM, FSK, OFDM, QPSK among others
  3. Advanced receivers using direct conversion, IF sampling and software defined radio techniques
  4. Amplifiers
    1. Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, highly integrated amplifier
  5. Wide-band radars
    1. Imaging  radar
    2. Ground penetrating radars
  6. Tracking transponders (on-board): S & C band tracking  transponders (GaN-based power amplifier)
  7. T/R Modules (TRMs)
    1. GaN-based T/R modules in (L, S and C-band) for phased array radars
  8. Development of all sub-systems related to phased array radar and ultimately realize phase array radars   in L, S and  C-bands
  9. Custom built, ready-to-use modules such as GPS receivers, Radar Target Simulators (RTS-RF) etc. with RF interfaces
  10. RF modules
    1. Diplexers, synthesizers, modulators, up-converters, down-converters, filters, RF switch matrices.