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PCB Design Services

Integrated services specializes in cost-effective embedded hardware development solutions for customers requiring high-reliability, rugged hardware coupled with aggressive timelines.

Integrated services offers PCB design services for RF, HDI & mixed signal multi-layer PCB designs.

The PCB design services team at Integrated services has extensive experience in designing complex multi-processor MIL-STD-compliant multi-layer boards with proven design methodologies, processes and quality checks.

Integrated services PCB Design Services include:

Library Management

  1. IEEE-based schematics symbol creation or custom
  2. IPC7351 PCB land pattern method
    1. Footprints for least, maximum or nominal
  3. Component management

PCB Layout Design

  1. RF & Antenna PCBs
  2. High-density interconnects (HDIs)
    1. μBGA, fine pitch, micro via, blind and buried vias and backdrill
  3. Multi-layer PCBs (up to 32)
  4. Flex and RigidFlex

Signal Integrity

  1. Up to 10GHz simulation
  2. Pre SI simulation
    1. Analysis for time delays, cross talk, timing, EMI/EMC, ground bounce and power integrity
  3. Topology and stackup
  4. Post SI simulation
  5. Report generation

Thermal Analysis

  1. Air and conduction cooled
  2. Power distribution
  3. 2D/3D analysis
  4. Placement management
  5. Report generation


  1. Class2 and Class3 specifications (Group A and Group B)
  2. PCB yield improvements
  3. Support for automated/semi-automated testability
  4. Test coverage improvements
  5. Cost reduction

Manufacturing Support

  1. ODB++, RS274X
  2. Component, paste and assembly drawings
  3. 3D data for mechanical validation